RAB Ràdio

Dr. Ivan Sunyé Puchol is collaborating once per two-weeks with RAB radio presenting the program “Green World” and talking about natural environment, energy transition, climate change, volcanic and tectonic activity (e.g. Turkish earthquake 2023 or La Palma eruption 2022), ecology and also about the last updates of the PÜSKÜRÜM project (including fieldworks, conferences, laboratory and main results).

Earth Day Italy 2023

The PÜSKÜRÜM team members are present in other important outreach activities as the Earth Day Italy 2023 (or Villagio per la Terra ), which took place on 21-25 April in Rome. Dr. Ivan Sunye Puchol have participated organising together with the Earth Sciences Department of La Sapienza a stand to explain geosciences (e.g. earthquake physics, minerals, aquifer systems, microscopy, etc.) to the youngest (and their parents), disclosing the 17 goals of the UN for a Sustainable Development.

Catalan Association of Rome

Ivan Sunyé Puchol, a part of the Principal Investigator of PÜSKÜRÜM project, is the vice-president of the Catalan Association of Rome, and he is organising different cultural activities open to all publics, including seminars about volcanology and Fieldtrips to discover the Italian volcanoes (e.g Colli Albani, a stratovolcano next to Rome with a somital caldera, where have participate other team members like Rengin Özsoy and Xavier Bolós).

Püskürüm Project

PÜSKÜRÜM project, a part of in this website (puskurum.com) has also internet presence on the Sapienza website, in social media such as Twitter and YouTube (in a near future).

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